El Docke

Portfolio box

  • Design: Germán Loth and Henrik Malmström
  • Text: Henrik Malmström, untitled text
  • Publisher: Vaciarte, Buenos Aires
  • Edition: 10 signed and numbered
  • Binder: Germán Loth, Ohja Taller
  • Box: Gummed black paper over board and wooden frames, with inkjet print mounted
    on cover (38 x 51 x 3 cm)
  • Prints: 10 archival pigment prints, without titles. 2020
    Image: 30 x 42 cm. Sheet: 33 x 46.5 cm. All signed and numbered in ink on verso
  • Printer: Henrik Malmström, Buenos Aires
  • Photographed: 2015-18
  • Published: November 2020

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I had heard that Dock Sud was a dangerous neighborhood and what I found was a quiet and humble one.

A port neighborhood historically populated by immigrants, built on the south bank of the Riachuelo
river in the Province of Buenos Aires.

I am also an immigrant in Argentina. I think the story of immigration is a story about doors and walls.

These photos were taken between 2015 and 2018. At that time I lived in the southern area of the
capital and crossed the border between the city and the province to go to Dock Sud. Sometimes over the Avellaneda bridge, by bicycle or by bus, sometimes below, by boat.

What we think of places before visiting them is usually different from the reality we find ourselves with. Sometimes you have to cross real and imaginary barriers to find a place in the world.

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