Desde el Yoga


  • Design: Henrik Malmström
  • Text: Henrik Malmström, untitled preface
  • Publisher: Vaciarte, Buenos Aires
  • Edition: Unlimited
  • Printing: Cooperativa El Zócalo, Buenos Aires
  • Binder: Germán Loth, Ohja Taller
  • Binding: Japanese four-hole stab binding
  • Pagination: 28 pages (15.5 x 9 cm)
  • Illustrations: Set of 12 color postcards
  • Photographed: June – October 2019
  • Published: April 2020

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Hanoi, June 2019

Dear reader,

A few months ago I quit drinking alcohol. I suddenly get up very early in the mornings, without a
hangover and with a lot of energy. With this new vitality and inspired by my partner who is a yoga teacher, I started practicing it every morning.

The teaching of yoga is insistent regarding mental activity during the practice. In my case, these
images and the concept of this book appeared to me while doing the postures. So I dedicate myself to making it, to get it out of my mind, and for me to practice my yoga in peace.

The photos were ordered according to the series of asanas “Rishikesh”, from the book Aprendo Yoga by André Van Lysebeth.

Past Events

Desde el Yoga Performance / FELIFA / December 7, 2021


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  • Booklet: Japanese binding
  • Front and back cover: Inkjet print on orange colored cardstock (220 g/m2)
  • Introduction and index pages: Laser print on ebony-colored copy paper (80 g/m2)
  • Postcards: Laser print on semi-gloss cardstock with laminate (300 g/m2)

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