Ring-bound booklet / Laser Print / Sulphite Wrapping Paper / Unlimited edition / 164 painted
newspaper covers / 170 pages / 21 x 27.5 cm / This publication is part of the F.E.A. catalogue /
Published by: Vaciarte (January 2019) → PDF



During 2018 I collected the covers of the newspapers Página/12 and Clarín, two newspapers
from Argentina with different political tendencies, the days in which the headlines dealt with
the same subject. I painted in white on the covers everything except the name of the
newspaper, the owner, the photo (if any) and the date. In a few cases I also left the subtitles.

Erratum:  In the course of the compilation I noticed that it would have been important to leave
the original city of the newspapers unpainted (Buenos Aires in both cases) and the price: both
Página/12 and Clarín were worth ARS 31 in January 2018 and at the end of the year 40 ARS.