2014/06/26 Monopol-Magazin

Hamburg photographed for Monopol 07/2014. Get it online here.

2014/06/20 Exhibition in Berlin

Red-Eye / tête / Curated by Kaetha
June 20 – 27, 2014 / Opening 7pm

2014/06/01 Editing books

2014/02/27 Monte Abierto

Open studio / Monte Residency
February 27, 2014 / Open 5-9pm

2014/01/01 Artist In Residence

AIR at Monte from January 1 – March 15, 2014.

2013/12/09 Exhibition in Hamburg

Bewerber für das Arbeitsstipendium für Bildende Kunst / Kunsthaus Hamburg
December 9, 2013 – January 12, 2014 / Opening 7pm

2013/11/28 Exhibition in Hamburg

16 Bilder / Galerie Dorothea Schlueter
November 28-29, 2013 / Opening 6pm

2013/11/07 Exhibition in Hamburg

echt::zeit / xpon-art
November 7 – December 8, 2013 / Opening 8pm

2013/10/15 Exhibition in München

FotoDoks / Münchner Stadtmuesum
October 15 – December 1, 2013 / Opening 7pm

2013/08/30 Moraltarantula VI

Moraltarantula VI / MKG – St.Georg
August 30, 2013 / Opening 7pm

2013/08/24 Pudel Art Basel

The MKG – St. Georg is a proud participant of Pudel Art Basel.
Golden Pudel Club, August 24, 2013 / Opening 3pm

2013/05/19 New booklet

16 Bilder published by 1%ofONE VERLAG.

2013/03/11 Hermann Lohss Antiquariat

2013/03/08 Exhibition in Berlin

Plastikblumen Welken Nicht / tête
March 8 – 10, 2013 / Opening 7pm

2013/03/01 Exhibition in St. Georg

St. Georg Für AlleMüllkeller Galerie
March 1, 2013 / Opening 8pm

2013/02/02 E Photobookshow

E PhotobookshowJohn Hansard Gallery Central
February 2 – March 2, 2013

2012/11/24 Kleister Nord

Kleister exhibiton today at 5pm in the Gleimtunnel, Berlin.

2012/10/17 Exhibition in München

FotoDoks / Münchner Stadtmuseum
October 17 – November 25, 2012 / Opening 7pm

2012/09/20 Exhibition in Turku

Welcome to Nomore / Photographic Centre Peri
Septemeber 20 – October 14, 2012 / Opening 6pm

2012/09/05 Artist In Residence

AIR at Mustarinda from September 5 – October 5, 2012.

2012/08/20 The 1000 Words Award

Proud to be one of the winners for the inaugural 1000 Words Award.

2012/08/18 Planket

2012/08/13 Print in frame

Print framed for the PLANKET group exhibition in Stockholm.

2012/08/02 Exhibition in Berlin

2012/07/16 Manchester Photography

2012/06/29 Das 25-jährige Jubiläum

2012/06/21 Visual Leader

Pleased to have been awarded at the annual LeadAwards in Hamburg.
The exhibition runs from June 21 – August 26, 2012 in the Deichtorhallen.

2012/06/01 Fortress to Solitude

Pleased to be part of the online platform Fortress to Solitude.
Opening reception of the first exhibition June 1 / 6–10pm.
This exhibition is part of the Bushwick Open Studios Festival 2012.

2012/05/26 Under the Subway Video Art Night

Ode to Surveillance on show tonight at the second edition of
Under the Subway Video Art Night organized by Antonio Ortuño.
Screening starts at 8.30pm.

2012/05/24 Slideshow exhibition

BODIES slideshow exhibition curated by Hannah Goldstein.
Tonight 7–10pm at the CFF.

2012/04/05 Video project

Currently working on a new video project (release date still unknown).
The project is being filmed with the Olympus E-P2.

2012/03/01 SZ Kulturmagazin

On Borrowed Time published in the SZ Kulturmagazin (March Issue).

2012/02/22 Aschermittwoch

2012/02/04 The Portable Museum Pt. II

The Featherweight Portable Museum continues in Finland.

2012/01/01 Out of town

Will be in Buenos Aires (January 1–30) working on a new project.
For any enquiries, please contact me via email.

2011/12/18 DUMMY-Magazin

On Borrowed Time published in DUMMY #33. Get it online here.

2011/11/23 The Portable Museum

Pleased to announce that Ode to Surveillance will be part of the
Featherweight Portable Museum travelling multi-media exhibition.
The first show is organized by Catalyst Arts in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2011/11/08 One-day exhibition

2011/11/02 Booklet Press

On Borrowed Time and The Red Planet part of the Booklet Library.

2011/10/28 Exhibition in Hamburg

WYSIWYG / Elektrohaus
October 28–30, 2011 / Opening 7pm

2011/10/04 Little Big Press

The Red Planet is part of the 2nd edition of Little Big Press.
Opening October 7 / 6.30pm at the ISA – Fotoleggendo.

2011/09/13 New booklet

The Red Planet is now shipping. Order here.

2011/08/23 Moraltarantula #5

Views from the fifth Moraltarantula at the Oberhafen-Galerie.

2011/08/02 Print in frame

Print framed for the Moraltarantula #5 at the Oberhafen-Galerie.
Opening August 19 / 7pm

2011/05/21 New collaboration

New collaboration with Thomas Schumann for the Ego flyer (June edition).
Schumanns design, my photos. More here.

2011/05/01 Animation

Helping out for an animation by Thomas Schumann. Part of his
exhibition DIDUM DIDUM, UNIVERSUM at the Oberhafen-Galerie.
Opening May 13 / 7pm

2011/03/17 Honorable Mention

Pleased to have recieved a Honorable Mention in the portrait category of
this years Finnish POY. More about the image and winners gallery here.

2011/02/23 Buecherhallen Hamburg

2011/02/11 Helping out

Japanese artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu preparing a video for his show in
the Mikiko Sato Gallery in Hamburg. Opening February 18 / 7pm

2010/12/17 Exhibition in Bruneck