Finnish (born 1983) / Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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2016 Residencia Wabi Sabi (Tigre, Argentina)
2014 Medien Kultur Haus (Wels, Austria)
2014 Residencia Monte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2012 Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi, Finland)



2019 Interesantes Imágenes, Vaciarte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2018 Relevamiento Espacial, Vaciarte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2018 OK Cloth Shop, Kominek Books (Berlin, Germany)
2017 #Macrisis, Vaciarte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2017 Catálogo de Recreación, Vaciarte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2017 Una Excursión a los Indios Ranqueles, Vaciarte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2017 Paisajes de Asia, Vaciarte / Kominek Books (Buenos Aires / Berlin)
2015 Life Is One Live It Well, Kominek Books (Berlin, Germany)
2015 A Minor Wrongdoing, Kominek Books (Berlin, Germany)
2015 Kellerfund, Müll im Keller (Hamburg, Germany)
2014 All´s Wels!, Galerie der Stadt Wels – mkh° (Wels, Austria)
2013 Life Is One Live It Well, Müll im Keller (Hamburg, Germany)
2013 Fussball Gucken, 1%ofONE VERLAG (Hamburg, Germany)
2013 St. Georg für Alle, Müll im Keller (Hamburg, Germany)
2011 The Red Planet, Homeparkpress (Hamburg, Germany)
2010 On Borrowed Time, Self-published (Helsinki, Finland)



2017 Laburo, Digital HD Video, 12:58 min
2016 Venäjä-Ilta, Digital HD Video, 4:35 min
2015 BailoutDigital SD Video, 2:19 min
2014 Life´s Work, Digital HD Video, 4:56 min
2013 St. Georg für Alle, Digital HD Video, 2:53 min
2011 Ode to Surveillance, Digital SD Video, 4:35 min



2013 St. Georg für Alle, Müllkellergalerie (Hamburg, Germany)
2012 Welcome to Nomore, Photographic Centre Peri (Turku, Finland)
2010 On Borrowed Time, Photokina (Cologne, Germany)
2010 On Borrowed Time, Luova Gallery (Helsinki, Finland)



2018 FoLa Photobook Award, Fototeca Latinoamericana (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2018 Bienal Argentina de Fotografia Documental, Museo de la UNT (Tucumán, Argentina)
2018 (Control) No Control, Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg, Germany)
2018 Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Deichtorplatz (Hamburg, Germany)
2018 In Your Face, Scope Hannover (Hannover, Germany)
2018 Una Comunidad Imaginada, Casa Nacional del Bicentenario (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2018 Surveillance Index (Performing Books #1), Le Bal (Paris, France)
2017 Coloquio Latinoamericano de Fotografia, Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos (Mexico City)
2016 Fotobokfestival Oslo, Youngstorget (Oslo, Norway)
2016 Nano Festival, Fototeca Latinoamericana (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2016 Foto Monumental, Monumental Callao (Lima, Peru)
2016 Best Photography Books of the Year, PhotoEspaña (Madrid, Spain)
2016 Best Photobooks Kassel, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing, China)
2016 Video Art Festival Turku, Grand Old Square (Turku, Finland)
2016 What´s This Book?, Belgrade Photo Month (Belgrade, Serbia)
2014 Rebecoming, Flowers Gallery (London, UK)
2014 Subreale Welten, Port Gallery T (Osaka, Japan)
2014 Nachbarschaft, Galerie der Stadt Wels (Wels, Austria)

2013 Bewerber für das Arbeitsstipendium für Bildende Kunst, Kunsthaus (Hamburg, Germany)
2013 Stranger World, FotoDoks, Münchner Stadtmuseum (München, Germany)
2013 Moraltarantula VI, Müllkellergalerie (Hamburg, Germany)

2012 ACHTUNG?!, FotoDoks, Münchner Stadtmuseum (München, Germany)
2012 Planket, Lilla Mejtens Gränd (Stockholm, Sweden)
2012 Bilder von der Strasse, Pavlov´s Dog (Berlin, Germany)
2012 Visual Leader, Deichtorhallen (Hamburg, Germany)
2012 Indie Photobook Library, Flash Forward Festival (Boston, MA)
2012 Featherweight Portable Museum, Galleria Rajatila (Tampere, Finland)

2011 Featherweight Portable Museum, Catalyst Arts (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
2011 Little Big Press, Fotoleggendo (Rome, Italy)
2011 Publish It Yourself, Maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz (Paris, France)
2011 Moraltarantula V, Oberhafen-Galerie (Hamburg, Germany)
2011 Le Garage: Bookmakers, Le Bal (Paris, France)

2010 Self-Publish Be Happy, Flash Forward Festival (Toronto, Canada)
2010 Moraltarantula IV, Elektrohaus (Hamburg, Germany)
2010 Publish It Yourself, Maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz (Paris, France)
2010 Inaugral Exhibition, Le Garage (Arles, France)
2010 Book Awards Exhibition, Les Rencontres d´Arles (Arles, France)
2008 Fotofinlandia, Sanomatalo Mediasquare (Helsinki, Finland)



2019 Arts Promotion Centre Finland (One-Year Working Grant)
2018 Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Book Grant)
2016 Régimen de Promoción Cultural de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Book Grant)
2016 Buenos Aires Photo (Residency Grant)
2016 Shortlisted ‘Best Photobook of the Year’ (PhotoEspaña)
2016 Nominated ‘Photobook of the Year’ (Kassel Fotobookfestival)
2015 Finnish Art Society (Young Artist Grant)
2015 FRAME Visual Art Finland (Book Grant)
2012 The 1000 Words Award
2012 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Exhibition Grant)

2011 VG Bild-Kunst (Project Grant)
2011 FRAME Visual Art Finland (Exhibition Grant)

2011 ‘Ones to Watch’ (British Journal of Photography)
2009 The Patricia Seppälä Foundation (Exhibition Grant)
2009 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Book Grant)
2009 The Finnish Press Photographers Foundation (Exhibition Grant)

2008 On Borrowed Time, Fotofinlandia (3rd prize)



Tate Library (London, United Kingdom)
ICP Library (New York, United States of America)
Centro de la Imagen (Mexico City, Mexico)
Bibliothek F.C. Gundlach (Hamburg, Germany)
Private collections in Finland, Germany and Argentina